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Print Publications
"Colorado Vodka Being Sought By Other States", The Gazette, Colorado Springs
March 20, 2005
Rocky Mountain pride, triple distilled, "and "Business Booming for Fledgling Spirits Maker", The Colorado Springs Business Journal
October 22, 2004
Shaken or stirred, Colorado Premium Vodka is making its way into drinks around the state.
Vodka: Local product has captured loyal fans, The Gazette, Colorado Springs
October 20, 2004
"It's the only vodka made from Colorado water, and one of only a few in American made with pure spring water." Read more...
"Colorado Premium Vodka Sparks Heavy Demand", Denver Post
October 17, 2004
"Colorado's Spirited Vodka", Aspen Daily News
September 15, 2004
Colorado couple dives into vodka business, Summit Daily News
September 3, 2004
Tourists looking for a local choice at area bars this winter will be able to choose from the many popular microbrews and a new spirit, as Colorado Vodka begins hitting bars. Read more...
"The Arrival of Pure Pleasure", Colorado Beverage Analyst
August, 2004
"Colorado's Premium Vodka", Colorado Biz Magazine
August, 2004
Manitou Springs restaurateurs create Colorado-inspired vodka, Steppin' Out, Colorado Springs
August, 2004
Pure mountain spring water the key to smooth, refreshing, clean-tasting spirit. Read more...
Colorado company gets into the spirit of vodka, Denver Post
July 8, 2004
Colorado , home to a multitude of beers and wines, can now claim its own vodka. Read more...
Clearly, this vodka is spirit of Colorado, Rocky Mountain News, Denver
July 8, 2004
For weeks Denver folks have opened small envelopes and found mysterious notes asking them to "Come taste what's in the water." Read more...
Spring gives vodka spirit of the Rockies Manitou couple provide secret water source for liquor (front page) and "Drink It Up" (Business section), The Gazette, Colorado Springs
July 8, 2004
Vodka is as synonymous with Russia as the hammer and sickle, but now a Manitou Springs couple are launching a Colorado version of the potent drink. Read more...
New Products, Kane's Beverage Week
July, 2004
"Colorado Vodka Debuts", Denver Business Journal
July, 2004
Colorado Premium Vodka Bottling
Mid-June 2004

Colorado Premium Vodka produced it's first bottling in small batch by hand. Colorado Spirits Corporation invites you to enjoy the pure and clean taste that can only come from Colorado pure spring water.
Colorado Premium Vodka Launch
July 2004

Colorado Premium Vodka was officially launched in Colorado with Southern Wine and Spirits.
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Food Talk
Local company launches Colorado Premium Vodka, Front Range Business Network
July 16, 2004
Move over Coors. There's a new kid in town and the name is Colorado Premium Vodka. Manitou Springs restaurateurs, Rob and Gail Stephens unveiled the new product at a gala tasting this week at the Broadmoor Hotel in Colorado Springs, and boast that within the next year their product will reach retailers across the USA. For now, the company plans to make their product available in fine restaurants and bars, and in retail outlets in Colorado. Read more..., Beverage Aisle
July 2004
Colorado Premium Vodka Announces the Arrival of Colorado's Pure Pleasure - the First Premium Vodka Made from Pure Colorado Mountain Spring Water (
July 7, 2004
Colorado Spirits announces the arrival of Colorado Premium Vodka today, as Co-founders and company executives unveil their new product at the Broker Restaurant. Years in the making, Colorado's own smooth, clean-tasting vodka made from pure Colorado mountain spring water is making its debut locally. Over the next year Colorado Premium Vodka will reach retailers throughout the nation. Read more...
Other Interesting Web Sites, Mayberry Imports, Proud purveyor of fine wines throughout Colorado.

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