Colorado Premium Vodka - Enjoy the pure taste of Colorado

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The Story
Colorado Premium Vodka was created in the heart of the Colorado Rocky Mountains. It was in the little mountain town of Manitou Springs, at the base of Pikes Peak where the idea of a Colorado vodka began. Rob and Gail Stephens, proprietors of historic restaurants in the area, had been serving their guests the foods and flavors of Colorado for many years. Here at these restaurants the Stephenses first made Colorado fruit-infused vodka for their customers. The infusions were a smashing success and in no time, the Stephenses realized that the purity of Colorado's water would make an exceptional tasting vodka.

For centuries local Native Americans drank this water and named their springs Manitou, meaning "Great Spirit". Since then many people have traveled from distant lands to drink and bathe in these healing waters. As Katherine Lee Bates stood atop Pikes Peak, she saw the "amber waves of grain" that inspired her to write "America the Beautiful". With Colorado water and these grains, the Stephenses have created a pure, original, American vodka in the truest sense.

The actual location of the mountain spring water used in Colorado Premium Vodka is a closely guarded secret to ensure its purity and integrity. The water comes from snow that melted thousands of years ago. It bubbles to the surface from 8,000 feet below, creating a unique spring that only Colorado can call its own.

The spring water glistens like a pristine mountain lake and is naturally filtered to a submicron level, which still allows for healthful minerals like calcium and potassium to impart a fresh, clean spring water flavor.

It is with great pride that the Stephenses offer you the purity of the Colorado Rocky Mountains, and the rare opportunity to enjoy the unique taste of nature itself!


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